What we do

TREE3 Health is a smart health platform that collects and analyses health data to empower users' monitoring and management of their personal health. We deliver personalised health knowledge and actionable insights, base on mobile available passive data, to help users build healthy behaviours and prevent health risks.

Why we do it

TREE3 Health is building towards a future where managing health is a part of everyday life. In the traditional doctoring cycle, healthcare is limited to acute care. People cannot access their health data nor frequently review their health status, not mentioning preventive care. Most of health practitioners lack comprehensive patient background information.


We aim to bridge this insufficiency on health data management and bring a pre-emptive smart health assistant for both users and health practitioners.



The rise of smartphones supercharged the growth of Health Technologies and created an entirely new standard of consumer convenience.

Still, most people are still struggling to enjoy healthcare services at their convenience and lack the means to take care of their own health outside traditional medical institutes. Practitioners cannot check on patients’ compliance nor coordinate a multidisciplinary health team for the patients. Patients lack round-the-clock support from medical professionals and cannot adjust their own daily health behaviours accordingly to prevent potential health risks.

At TREE3 Health, we believe that building this platform required a willingness to challenge these orthodoxies and to reinvent— even disrupt—ourselves. We aim to bridge this market inefficiency by bringing a medically-accurate one-stop solution to the market. We are building a pre-emptive smart health assistant for both users and health practitioners to challenge the traditional doctoring cycle.