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Organised by Association of Doctors for Social Responsibility | Tree3 Health

Hand in Hand Health-tech Community Project

Based on the daily health data collected through the mobile app "Tree3 Health App", professional medical personnel will provide personalised consultation about your health concerns, and you no longer need to rely on unreliable health information on the internet!

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After received your registration, we will arrange you a free tele-consultation services within 3 days.

  • Before enjoying the tele-consultation services, participants should have download the ‘Tree3 Health App’, and

  • Complete all set up include connecting Health Tracker (Apple Health/ Google Fit), and

  • Keep using the app.

Notes to Participants

If you have already registered through your community centre, you don't need to fill in this form.

Information provided in this form will ONLY use for registration purpose, you will not receive promotional calls and emails.

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