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Doctoring outside the box.

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Surgeons in Operating Room

Bringing preemptive doctoring to you - anytime, anywhere

Assembling a full medical team at your fingertips.

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Safe and confidential community for open conversations, experiences, and learnings.

Access to high quality and trustworthy health experts for consultations in various specialties.

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24/7 smart health assistant

Feeling sick and needing an on-demand consultation by healthcare professionals?

Tree3 Health can provide a medically-accurate one-stop solution at your fingertips.

All your health data in one place: 

  • Diet

  • Excercise

  • Blood pressure

  • Blood sugar

  • Drug compliance

Mobile App


Fitness App

Holistic daily health data analysis

Real-time montioring of health status with alerts

Regular frequent reviews with on-demand consultations by healthcare professionals

One-stop full-cycle health service experience

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Your daily records at a glance

Sharing Food

Food & Medicine Recognition

Ease of input with deep learning and computer vision to process users' nutrition and health statistics. Ease of monitoring compliance to prescribed medicines and management of chronic illnesses

Prescription Medication

Choose to pick up the medication at the local pharmacy, or have it delivered to home or work.

Super Health Food
Data on a Touch Pad

Pathology Referrals

Access pathology referrals. 

Patients are also provided with information on where they can get general pathology testing in all territories.

Medical Certificates

Choose to print the certificate or email it directly to work or university.

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Data on a Touch Pad

Real-time data visualization

User's progress and health status at a glance in an intuitive interface for both users and practitioners.

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