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Here's how

Tree3 Health

works for you

Mobile Phone

Step 1

Plan for the unplanned

We're here for you before and when something comes up to you.

24/7. 365 days. Always. All you need to do is to download Tree3 Health App and complete your intake procedures.

Getting signed up for Tree3 Health is easy, and we can help you along the way.

Step 2

Assess your mobile data

Once you download our app, our technology starts to get an idea of how you behave on your phone—your exercises, your heart rates, your sleep—but we never need to literally look at what you're doing.

Data and patterns passively recognised on your smartphone via—Apple Health, Google fit and others—is a new way to measure things like your health symptoms, and general well-being.

Sports Phone Case
Holding Phones

Step 3

Case specific survey

You'll also be welcomed to take industry recommended surveys to measure your symptom improvements over time.

You can track your measurements in the mobile app, and they’re shared with your clinical team so they can provide you with more personalized care.

Step 4

Get to know your health status and take control of it

The Tree3 Health App calculate and predict your health symptoms automatically with your smartphone. You will be automatically alerted when something comes up and you can easily track your progress over time.

All the data will only be collected and analysed after your consent and we protect your personal information and medical records like any other doctor in clinics or hospital.