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Tree3 Health

works for you

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Step 1

Plan for the unplanned

We're here for you before and when something comes up to you.

24/7. 365 days. Always. All you need to do is to download Tree3 Health App and complete your intake procedures.

Getting signed up for Tree3 Health is easy, and we can help you along the way.

Step 2

Get to know your health status and take control of it

The Tree3 Health App calculate and predict your health symptoms automatically with your smartphone. You will be automatically alerted when something comes up and you can easily track your progress over time.

You can track your measurements in the mobile app, and they’re shared with your clinical team so they can provide you with more personalized care.

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Step 3

Enjoy healthcare from our practitioners at your service

We partner with professional practitioners to provide your healthcare at your service. They can also help with medication management. This means things like new prescriptions, and refills or even other treatments.

Step 4

Timely medication delivery

After our doctor's consultation, your medication will be devlivered to your home, making sure your situation is handled in a timely way.

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