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Healthcare built around you

We transform the way of understanding and managing your daily health status. Tree3 Health app analyse health data available on your smartphone and reminds you whenever health risks occurred. You can request healthcare service via our app, and healthcare practitioners can access to your health profile for better diagnosis and treatments. With your health data, treatment records and analysis all in one place, we bring you the ultimate health assistant.


for proactive healthcare.

Our technology continuously analyse your health status via the data from Apple Health and Google fit.

We'll alert you if we think you might need support, you can also request healthcare service via our app.

Smart Health Assistant
backed by professional healthcare team

A doctor-supervised program to monitor your health status.

Keep track of your health status. From health risk detection to daily health managements. All in one place.


Continuous care at home

With care through your smartphone, there's one less hassle to worry about. You can easily understand your health status and notify healthcare practitioners anytime when needed.


No commute. No waiting rooms.

Health Summary and medical records

Users can access to their health summaries and records anytime without tremendous amount of input works.


Tree3 Health  strives to concise your scattered health data into medical-grade reports. We protect your personal information and medical records like any other doctor office or hospital, we always get your consent before sharing any information with them.

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