Doctor's Desk
Know Your Health

We build the technology that helps people understand and manage their health on a daily basis, without hassles — bringing a preemptive smart health assistant to both users and primary health practitioners.


Bringing preemptive doctoring to you - anytime, anywhere

Our technology helps us to predict how you're doing. We'll alert you if we think you might need support.

Smart Health Assistant supported by full healthcare team

A doctor-supervised program to monitor your health status.

Keep track of your health status, health risk reminders, potential symptoms. All in one place.

T3H detects your potential health risks or existing symptoms simply by mobile devices. Our doctor in-the-loop engine helps you to understand your health without tremendous workload of inputting from you while T3H is able to protect your privacy concerns.


Personalised and secured one-stop solution

With care through your smartphone, there's one less hassle to worry about. No commute. No waiting rooms.

Health Summary and medical records

Users can access to their health summaries and records anytime. T3H strives to concise your scattered health data into medical-grade reports.

Data on a Touch Pad

Daily Health reminders

We are also developing our professional Healthcare support service. Our users will be taken care of by our full healthcare team and provided with personalised health reminders based on your daily health conditions and health information.